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Iva Burketová: 
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ODIVI is a ready-made garment based in Prague, offering a basic wardrobe that lives far beyond the season. The brand is based on local produce with a sincere view of fashion and life itself. It should serve as an inspiration for those who are interested in new and not afraid to do unusual.

Iva Burkertová, founder and designer of ODIVI, characterizes the brand as a game of structures and materials. In most of her designs, she works with geometric shapes to challenge a woman's silhouette and reduce textile waste.

Looking for a balance in extreme contrasts, Iva constantly collides with her two greatest passions, extreme sports and modern urban life. Through its collections, it calls for personal freedom and encourages people to cross their borders because they believe that great things have never come from comfort zones. Life defines it as a business, a mysterious path that always forces you to move forward, beyond your borders, to experience something new. This is what makes you, your personality and everything you do.

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