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UMPRUM: Ateliér módní tvorby

In the Fashion Design Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague, under the guidance of Mira Sabo and Monika Krobová, students develop their individual potential, and creative abilities and gain valuable experience in fashion design. The emphasis is on critical thinking in the area of relationships and meanings of materiality, physicality, and conceptual concepts of clothing design. Clothing is not only an aesthetic element. Clothing also carries broader cultural, social, and political meanings, and therefore students learn to reflect on the kinds of garments they create, how questions of identity are inscribed in their work, and what possibilities clothing design offers for the expression of particular attitudes and values in various topics and assignments.

The new generation of fashion designers is encouraged to be humble, pragmatic, and love the industry. Contemporary fashion is about quality craftsmanship, teamwork, interdisciplinary collaboration, mutual synergy, the search for answers to today's challenges, and, last but not least, unique artistic expression. All of this goes hand in hand with understanding and applying the fundamentals of the tailoring craft, design and cutting skills, and the appropriate use of materials and technology. The students of the studio are thus systematically prepared to work in the field of fashion, in a wide range of positions that the fashion world offers.

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