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The Department of Design (KDE) is a creative workplace that guarantees the teaching of the daily Bachelor's study program in Design (Bc.) and the daily consecutive Master's study program in Design - Textile, Clothing, Glass, Jewelry (MgA.). The study concept here is based not only on creative activity itself but also on the search for new ways of artistic material processing and unconventional product realization, thanks to the technological capabilities of the entire faculty. Students of creative fields, such as fashion or textile design, glass, and jewelry, can work in parallel with students of more technologically oriented fields such as textile technology and patterning. Compared to other universities with similar focuses, this concept, combined with the unique technological equipment of all departments, is absolutely unique. The department offers students the opportunity to grasp and explore their creations from all angles. The department's activities are also focused on exhibition activities, as it has the spaces of Gallery N in Jablonec nad Nisou, where students can explore the possibilities of presenting their design work.

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