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It began with scraps, really. I come from a line of dressmakers, and we always had fabrics lying around the family workshop, which I liked piecing together in unexpected ways. While my classmates at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague preferred designing with cool fabrics, my thinking was this: Why spend money on brand new material, when I can repurpose what I already have? And why stop at one final look, when I can invite the wearer’s creativity to the process?

At first, I just pretended I’d bought my fabrics at the store like everyone else. It did earn an odd glance here and there, because it was hard to see the textiles coming together into a piece that made sense. Not to mention being adjustable. But I always made it work and over time, it became my signature style. And now it’s becoming yours.

Afka style. For urban travellers between occasions, territories, phases and opportunities. Speaking the language of travel design, contemporary convenience and versatility. Locally-crafted by experienced hands. Strictly using sustainable certified-new or upcycled old materials. Absolutely vanity-free – a style that morphs to fit a changing world. 

Dress for the change you want. Move from one look to the next with confidence. Adjust on the go and slip into the next occasion with ease. Transition seamlessly. Wear your confidence. Make change fit, sustainably. Afka.

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