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Born in Caracas (Venezuela), Gabriel lived foreign to the textile world. After completing his major in Advertising and Image Direction, he jumped to Fashion and Textile Design studies at Esdemga (Pontevedra). He then set out to Delhi and Mumbai (India) to learn the different embroidery techniques in haute couture fashion. Once in Spain again, he begins his professional career at Carolina Herrera, Zara, and Bimba y Lola. This elevated his professional profile and got him closer to the textile industry. Thus, RUBEARTH was conceived, juxtaposing sculpture, painting and fashion. With “reusing” as his leitmotif, he recovers textile surplus from big companies and transforms it into unique, sustainable pieces. His work has been recognized with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award and with the first ever Allianz Ego Confidence in Fashion Award in September 2021 and in March 2022.



Rubearth’s latest collection brings us on a trip through South America’s landscape wonders. Our lost traveller can’t distinguish visions from reality. Among the ghostly shadows and thick fog are illusions from another world, and colors they’d never seen. Unimaginable shapes. And sounds from news frequencies. The jungle’s mirages follow our explorer, who this year explores wilder patterns, new silhouettes and the revelation of the trip as the real treasure. With this, Gabriel recovers the magical realism engrained in his Venezuelan identity, bringing to Europe the wonders of his native continent. 

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